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East Jordan: 10/8/15   -   Student Accelerate: 11/5/15   -   Port Huron: 12/7/15   -   Flint: 1/27/16   -   East Lansing: 3/30/16

Welcome to the GreenLight!  

The GreenLight Business Model Competitions will bring together business ideas as well as businesses that have been in existence for less than a year with new start-up ventures.

These events will bring entrepreneurs from all over the State of Michigan to the local areas to pitch their ideas to an amazing panel of judges, while also networking with angel and venture capital investors from throughout the state.  Candidates have the chance of winning $5,000+ in prizes at the GreenLight Hub locations
and the top winner at each of the Hub location will receive an automatic seat to present at the GreenLight Michigan event in East Lansing in March, where $50,000+ in prizes will be awarded with the top prize of $25,000, sponsored by MSU Federal Credit Union.  Please note - any applicant can apply to the GreenLight Michigan event in East Lansing - you do not need to apply to hub events.

Who Qualifies?
- Just have a well-thought out business idea?  You are welcome to apply!
- Competition is open to all state of Michigan residents - students and business professionals.
- If you have a registered business entity, y
ou must be a State of Michigan based business that has been in existence for less than one year (earliest incorporation date of 3/30/15).  
- Winning funds are to be utilized to start or propel business ventures in each local hub competition area.  The exceptions are the Student Accelerate and the East Lansing events - they are open to anyone from the State of Michigan and you can launch your business anywhere within the State of Michigan.

How to Enter:
- Sign up for a new account to the right
- Register all team members
- Answer the required questions (executive summary, financials, marketing plan, etc.)
- You can save your application without submitting and continue to edit.
- Don't forget to press "Submit Your Application" when you are complete (you cannot go back and edit once you submit)

We look forward to your application and hope to see you at the GreenLight!

The GreenLight Team

The GreenLight Michigan Business Model Competition was created by Spartan Innovations, MSU Federal Credit Union and MSU in 2013.  LEAP and the Michigan State University Innovation Center have also collaborated on working together to serve as a hub for entrepreneurship in the greater Lansing area.  An Entrepreneurial grant was awarded by MEDC in 2014 to expand GreenLight across the State of Michigan.
Applicants: if you have any issues, please contact